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Product overview

CadMouse Pad Compact


The CadMouse Pad Compact is ideal for mobile workplaces or setups with limited space.

Length x Width: 250mm x 250 mm

£ 15.00
£ 17.85*

CadMouse Pad


The CadMouse Pad is made for high-resolution multiscreen setups and working in large assemblies, requiring more lateral space to avoid lifting the mouse.

Length x Width: 350mm x 250 mm

£ 25.00
£ 29.75*

Carry Case SpaceMouse Enterprise


Soft, zip up neoprene carry case for SpaceMouse Enterprise.

£ 13.00
£ 15.47*

Carry Case SpaceMouse Pro


Soft, zip up neoprene carry case for SpaceMouse Pro or SpaceMouse Pro Wireless.

IMPORTANT: Not suitable for SpaceMouse Enterprise.

£ 13.00
£ 15.47*

Carry Case SpaceMouse Compact


Durable, hard sided protective case for SpaceMouse Compact or SpaceMouse Wireless.

£ 13.00
£ 15.47*

3Dconnexion Universal Receiver


Connect up to five 3Dconnexion wireless products with only one receiver. 

£ 10.00
£ 11.90*

3Dconnexion Twin-Port USB Hub


Twin-port USB hub with 1.5m detachable USB cable. Bus powered. Compatible with all USB devices. Included as standard with SpaceMouse Pro Wireless and SpaceMouse Enterprise Kit.

£ 10.00
£ 11.90*

3Dconnexion USB cable 1,5m


Spare / replacement micro 1.5m (4' 11") USB cable for SpaceMouse Wireless, SpaceMouse Pro Wireless or CadMouse Wireless

£ 5.00
£ 5.95*

* Price includes VAT at 19% (German rate). Shipping charges apply unless stated.


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