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Optimize your NX Universe

Using Siemens NX with a 3D mouse helps you accelerate development, lower costs and improve quality by engaging both hands in to a balanced and cooperative work style. One hand uses the 3D mouse to position the model while the other hand simultaneously uses the traditional mouse to select, create and edit.

It’s a two handed work style where you click a lot less and accomplish a lot more.

From concept, to sketch, to part, to assembly and drawing, you’ll finish faster in every mode and be amazed that you ever worked without a 3D mouse!

Why NX users rely on 3Dconnexion 3D mice

  1. Increase Productivity by more than 20%*1: When working with one hand, you can either navigate your model or select commands. With a 3D mouse you can do both at once saving you valuable time.
  2. Enhanced Comfort: Up to 50% fewer mouse clicks*2 by spreading the workload across both hands.
  3. Design Performance*1: Whether you’re working on a sketch or a complex 3D model, the superior navigation experience encourages levels of model exploration that are crucial to avoiding costly design errors.


*1 Source: The Economic Payback of 3D Mice white paper - July 2008
*2 Source: Reducing Physical Discomfort and Pain Among 3D Computer Users - VSI Risk Management and Ergonomics ©2005

Easier access to application functions

Intelligent Function Keys* provide quick access to any NX function. Get visual feedback on the SpacePilot or SpacePilot PRO LCD and watch functions update automatically as you move from one application environment to another. Personalize the function keys quickly and easily inside any environment such as Sketch, Part Modeling, Assembly, Drawing and more.

Sketch Mode

Use the mouse to sketch while optimally positioning the work plane with 3D mouse. Inspect your sketch from multiple angles. Access quick commands such as Orient View to Sketch, or Finish Sketch Current Section, with a single touch of the Intelligent Function Keys.

Part Modeling Mode

Use the 3D mouse to view your model from several different view angles while simultaneously using the mouse to adjust the size of features you’re creating. Take advantage of functions like Extrude, Edge Blend as well as convenient keyboard modifiers (Ctrl, Shift, Alt, Esc) without having to move your hand to the keyboard.

Assembly Mode

Enhance the way you build assemblies. Reposition individual components with the mouse using the drag handles, while simultaneously navigating with the 3D mouse. View the complete assembly from all angles, checking for correct placement and function. Reposition components and assemblies while applying mating constraints with the mouse.

Drawing Mode

Navigate smoothly and rapidly across the drawing sheet. With a 3D mouse, you can easily position drawing views, and create and place dimensions and annotations. Map functions like Dimensions and Symbols to keys for quick access.

Coordinate System

Move the current coordinate system using the mouse and drag handles, while navigating the scene with the 3D mouse. You’ll see a more unified view of your work.

* Intelligent Function Keys and Keyboard Modifier keys available on SpaceExplorer, SpacePilot and SpacePilot PRO only